Fun, Fasting and a Crustless Quiche


We haven’t been doing well with our eating plan. It’s not that what we’re eating isn’t healthy, it’s just that we keep pairing it with bottles of wine, and preceding meals with things like crisps. Not good. We attended a party in Sussex last weekend, which was lovely, but it forced us (after a few too many glasses of wine) to draw a line under our misdemeanours and start afresh!

wild swim

This week we have been fasting hard – 500 calories on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday were ‘eating’ days, so we stuck to Slimming World rules and didn’t spend any syns. It’s been hot weather, so munching salads and crispy veg hasn’t been to much of a hardship. I won’t lie, though, we’ve been hungry, especially as we have both done two bouts of exercise on the exercise bike every day, and taken Ludo out for his 2 daily walks. We’ve had to stop in until later in the day, since it’s been so hot and Ludo’s ever growing coat makes him very hot when we go out for a walk. That being said, we’ve enjoyed a couple of walks by the river this week and Pete has been for a swim in the Usk twice. I paddled. An eel showed interest in my yellow Croc (which I wore to paddle, precisely because I don’t cope well with ‘things’ in the water) which made me squeal. Ludo even ventured into the shallows and promptly ‘dried’ himself on the mud and dust on the riverbank.


Ludo wants quiche

I thought I’d share with you a nifty and tasty recipe that’s really easy to put together – especially if you are time poor (or if you spend your day exercising like a devil). The crustless quiche is a syn free recipe with Slimming World as it uses no pastry. It is, ostensibly, an omelette with a bit of cottage cheese in it, and the name quiche is probably stretching things a little far. Even so, it’s yummy served with a potato salad or a crisp salad. The recipe is supposed to be enough for 2, but we had a big portion each, plus enough for a snack later on. It’s syn-free after all! Ludo thought it was delicious and sat beside us, doing his best and cutest face in exchange for a morsel or two.

Crustless Quiche

Crustless Quiche Recipe

Crustless Quiche Recipe


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