Chocolate Tiffin

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

chocolate tiffin

Ok, before I start, let me warn you, this has nothing to do with healthy eating or losing weight.

I used to make this for the pop-up cafe we ran last year, and it was always one of our top sellers, (especially if the weather was overcast, we noticed). A year after we closed the cafe, I made it again as a treat for a big family get together; camping in a field beneath the Uffington White Horse. True to form, it was well recieved. How could it not be when it is composed of nothing but ‘syns’?

NB: I use Aldi belgian chocolate for this



  • 100g milk chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 200-250g digestive biscuits
  • 200g dried fruit (Sultanas or Raisins)
  • 50-100g glace cherries
  • 2 handfuls of rice crispies (optionl)

For the topping

  • 100g milk chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp golden syrup


  1. Line a 20cm square baking tin with baking parchment – or, if you use a silicone tray, there’s no need to line it.
  2. Place the 200g of chocolate, (milk and dark) butter and syrup in a heat-proof bowl and melt over a pan of barely simmering water or in the microwave. Once almost melted, remove from the heat and gently stir until any tiny bits chocolate have melted. Be careful not to overheat the mixture, as it will go grainy. Allow to cool a little.
  3. Place the biscuits in a freezer bag, seal and crush with a rolling pin. You want mainly crumbs but a few small chunks of biscuit is fine.
  4. In a large bowl, combine the melted chocolate mixture with the biscuit crumb, the fruit and cherries and stir until everything is coated. If you like, you can add in a couple of handfuls of rice cripies at this stage. These will add a bit of volume for better depth of tiffin. Press into the prepared tin and make the topping.
  5. For the topping, melt the chocolate, butter and syrup as before and spread over the biscuit base.
  6. Cover the tin with cling film or foil and refrigerate for 1-2 hours (or overnight) before cutting into squares – not too big – it’s rich!
  7. Get someone else to eat most of it, so you don’t ruin your diet!


Weekend Breakfast Jumble

Monday, August 4th, 2014

eggs2My mum has always told me that I must eat breakfast; no excuses. Fact is that I don’t, particularly when I’m fasting. During the week, when I’m not fasting I have the same thing every day: 2 weetabix with plain yoghurt and banana. Varying the breakfasts we eat is something that I think few of us do, simply because we just can’t/don’t want to think about anything beyond a piece of toast at that time of the morning.

One of my bugbears is the ‘breakfast’ section of a cookery book, which mostly consists of smoothies, French toast and things to do with blueberries. Nobody consults a cookery book for breakfast recipes do they? I think they should stop doing those breakfast chapters. We don’t all live in the pages of a Sunday supplement, taking brisk early morning walks along the seashore cocooned in Boden scarves, before coming home to the broadsheets, a steaming pot of coffee and ‘something with blueberries’ for breakfast.

In light of the above then, it seems rather contradictory for me to be posting a breakfast recipe. But I must, because it’s tasty and, actually, you could have it as a quick lunch or supper too. Also, it takes about 5 minutes to make, and it makes a nice change at the weekend, when you might have a bit more time on your hands. My Dad used to make this when we were young, with hefty quantities of Worcestershire sauce. How much you add is entirely up to you…

For slimmers, this recipe is syn free on Slimming World. For non-slimmers or fair weather dieters, this would work perfectly with a hot buttered slice of thickly cut sourdough toast, the breakfast jumble piled on top, and a soft poached egg on top of that, so that when you cut it, it oozes all over it.

Serves 2


  • 6 rashers smoked back bacon (fat removed) cut into postage stamp pieces
  • About 15 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Sprig of thyme (optional)
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • Spray oil


  1. Heat up a frying pan and spray with spray oil. Toss in the bacon with they sprig of thyme and dry-fry until cooked through
  2. Add the cherry tomatoes and cook until they are softened, but not completely falling apart – about 2 minutes
  3. Add the Worcestershire sauce and cook for a further 30 seconds


**If you have some mushrooms hanging about at the bottom of the fridge, these work particularly well – add them with the bacon at the beginning.