About Us

two-foodiesWe are Hannah and Pete: two foodies. There’s also Ludo: one dog. He is nominally a shih tzu but there is uncertainty about his purity. We don’t mind. He likes gravy bones, cake and walking, not necessarily in that order. His best friend is Max.

We live in a cottage in rural Monmouthshire, near Abergavenny in Wales. We moved here in 2011 to take ownership of a local magazine which we publish each month. We work together; Hannah on sales and editorial and Pete on graphics, layout and accounting. We enjoy it, and little by little we aim to grow our own little empire. We work from our home office – once a shed in the garden until it got too cold and we moved inside. The beauty of working from home is being able to get up, go out for a walk, make a cup of tea and put Daft Punk on repeat as much as we want.

We do other stuff too – Pete in designery stuff and painterly stuff and Hannah works part time as a behavioural consultant. It keeps her sane.

Our joint passion in life, aside from living in the countryside, is food. We love cooking, we love eating, we love going out to eat. As is the case for many a food lover, over the years our passion has led to some extra padding – although Hannah has always been rotund. Over time we have lost weight by fasting, dieting, exercising…you name it. We’ve had some success – Hannah lost 4 stone last year and Pete lost 2. It’s crept on a bit, though (again. We blame the cheese).

1-P6188293We’re learning that by engineering our favourite recipes (using the internet, a calculator and some brain bending) we can cut down on a lot of calories inherent in them, and feel virtuous about eating, without feeling deprived.

This blog is about that. We’ll share our healthy recipes, our blow out recipes, and other general bits and pieces in our lives if we think they’re at all interesting. We’ll also let you know how we are fairing with our diets; the good and the bad news!

We don’t have any children…yet. We do, however, have Ludo, who we think is pretty cool. We’ll tell you about him too. Be aware  though, Ludo’s exploits tend to revolve around food, walking and his favourite toys; Cowie and Bear. You’ve been warned.

Enough of all that. Let’s eat!