• Umami Baked Tomatoes

    These go very well with white fish – we have them with grilled sea bass. Serves 2 Ingredients: 3 large tomatoes Granulated stevia sweetener Good quality balsamic vinegar 1 small garlic clove 3 anchovy fillets Dried oregano Salt & pepper Method: Preheat the oven to 200° Cut the tomatoes in half. With a sharp knife, […]

  • Chicken Caesar Salad Dressing

    I thought the idea of making a Caesar dressing without oil was going to be a pretty thankless task, but I was wrong. It turns out that this recipe results in a delicious salad that doesn’t taste like diet food. Serves 2 Ingredients 2 tbsp fat free fromage frais 2 anchovy fillets (from a tin) […]

  • Tasty 150 cal ham & bean omelette

    This is an exercise in portion control; you don’t have to eat something dull and ‘virtuous’ if you don’t mind scaling down the quantities. A tasty little breakfast that, at only 150 calories, gets you ahead of the game early in the day. With a black coffee and a glass of sparkling water chaser, I […]

  • Salmon, Peas & Bacon

    This is a great, simple recipe which results in something far tastier than you’d expect from its mere 20 minutes cooking time. It’s free on Slimming World, provided you remove all the fat from the bacon and omit the butter. Serves 2 Ingredients Spray oil New potatoes cut into bite size pieces 4 Rashers of […]

  • Parsnips, Chorizo, Kale & Lentils

    350g Parsnips (about 3) 1tbsp oil for cooking Leaves from 2 sprigs of rosemary, chopped 100g cured chorizo sliced into 5mm rounds A bag of Kalettes 100g pre cooked puy lentils Or to cook lentils from dry; 60g puy lentils (dry weight) Bay leaf Half a small onion If cooking your lentils from dry, place […]

  • Grilled Vegetables & Mixed Herb Pesto

    Ingredients 2 large courgettes 1 large red onion 1 aubergine 1 red pepper 1 block of haloumi Salad potatoes to serve For the Pesto 50g flat leaf parsley 30g basil 50ml olive oil 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 2 tbs parmesan, grated. 1.5 tbs lemon juice Method Set the oven to 190º and get a […]

  • Wild Mushroom Linguine

    Ingredients Parasol mushrooms (stems removed and sliced) Porcini (sliced) Knob of butter dash of oil Spring of thyme Maderia Creme fraiche Linguine pasta Fresh parsley Hazlenuts Method Get a big pan of salted water on for the pasta and put the oven on medium. Put the hazlenuts on a baking tray and toast in the […]

  • Chocolate Tiffin

    chocolate tiffin

    Ok, before I start, let me warn you, this has nothing to do with healthy eating or losing weight. I used to make this for the pop-up cafe we ran last year, and it was always one of our top sellers, (especially if the weather was overcast, we noticed). A year after we closed the […]

  • Weekend Breakfast Jumble

    My mum has always told me that I must eat breakfast; no excuses. Fact is that I don’t, particularly when I’m fasting. During the week, when I’m not fasting I have the same thing every day: 2 weetabix with plain yoghurt and banana. Varying the breakfasts we eat is something that I think few of […]

  • Hill Shepherdy Pie

    We love a shepherds’ pie. Come to think of it, cottage pie is pretty nice too. ANY kind of pie (barring kidney) is tasty. Trouble is, they can be hefty, and not the type of thing you want to eat when the weather is warm. We’ve adapted our shepherds’ pie to use Quorn mince instead […]

  • Crustless Quiche

    Crustless Quiche Recipe

    Ingredients 6 eggs 150g pot of cottage cheese (lowest fat you can find) 1 courgette, diced 3 spring onions 5 or 6 chestnut mushrooms baby sweetcorn, chopped asparagus tips, chopped oregano spray oil salt & pepper   Method Preheat your oven to 190 or 170 fan Start by heating a large frying pan and spray […]

  • Barbequed Lamb with Tarragon

    Barbequed lamb with tarragon

    This is the barbequed lamb from our ‘Scandinavian weekend’. It’s pretty simple, but I’d taken the picture, so I thought I’d put it up here. Serves 2 generously or 4,  frugally Ingredients Half leg of lamb, boned Buch of tarragon 4-6 garlic cloves, roughly chopped (I left them whole – as in the picture – […]

  • Pointed Cabbage with Dill and Peas

    Pointed cabbage with dill and peas

      (serves 8) Ingredients 2 pointed cabbages cut into long strips (or shredded in the food processor) 100g almonds 100g bunch of dill 500g peas (recipe says fresh, shelled, but we used frozen, defrosted but not cooked) Dressing juice of 1 lemon 1tbsp runny honey 100ml vegetable oil salt and pepper Method Rinse the cabbage […]

  • Fishcakes

    (serves 4) Ingredients 600g white fish (we used cod) 2 spring onions, chopped 2 eggs 100ml single cream 2tbsp finely choppe tarragon 3tbsp finely chopped parsley juice of 1/2 a lemon 2tbsp potato flour (Waitrose sells this, but I couldn’t get any. We used plain flour – it was fine) 30g butter vegetable oil, for […]

  • Herb Remoulade

    Herb Remoulade

    Enough for 4 people Ingredients 1tbsp cornichons 1 tsp capers 200g mayonnaise 3tbsp half-fat creme fraiche 1 tsp dijon mustarf 1 tsp curry powder 2tbsp chopped chives 2 tbsp chopped tarragon 2 tbsp finely chopped carrots 1 tbsp lemon juice salt and pepper Method Chop the cournichons and capers together and place in a mixing […]

  • Vienn-easy Potato Salad

    I’ve called this a Vienn-easy Potato Salad because a) it’s easy and b) its inspiration comes from a recipe for a hot potato salad in a beaten up copy of a pretty dated Viennese Cookery book which I found on a book buying trip to Hay on Wye. If you’re following Slimming World you’ll know […]

  • 100 Calorie Vegetable Soup

    This is my staple lunch for fast days. At only 100 calories, it leaves plenty of scope for a tasty dinner, (well, 400 calories anyway) and sees me through until then. The other bonus is that it’s simple – and therefore avoids the temptation to go for something easier and more calorific. I used to […]

  • Creamy pasta salad with kiln roasted salmon

    Creamy pasta salad with kiln roasted salmon

    Ingredients: 250g pasta (raw weight) – Penne or shells work well 160g packet kiln roasted or hot smoked salmon 1 tbsp each chopped dill, chopped chives 3 good sized spring onions chopped finely (including green bits if they are fresh) or 1 escahlion shallot, chopped finely 1 tbsp lilliput capers 3 gherkins or 6 cournichons, […]

  • Pan fried salmon and warm puy lentil salad with burnt aubergine

    This is a flavour explosion. It does take  a bit of time – the aubergine is a bit of a faff, but well worth it. Just make sure you ventilate your kitchen by opening windows and doors and turning on your extractor if you have one (we don’t). Failure to do so will result in […]

  • Asparagus Mimosa

    This comes courtesy of Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty’ – a favourite recipe book. This is a really delicious recipe and makes a wonderful starter or light lunch. Ottolenghi suggests a scattering of chopped tarragon as an extra, but for us it’s an essential part of the dish and really lifts the flavour. You can make this […]